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busy today

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ran some errands. Came home and cooked 6 bunches of mustard greens. Greens is time consuming in that you have to thoroughly clean each leaf. I also trim off the big stem in the middle. Some people then slice the leaves too, but I don't bother. Cooking greens is much work, so I don't do it often. When I do, I make alot to make it worth my time. I think I reached womanhood a few years back when I cooked a full up Thanksgiving dinner: baked turkey injected with flavoring, cornbread dressing (yeah, I baked the cornbread), greens, and sweet potato casserole. Cranberry sauce out of the can, rolls and dessert from the grocery store bakery. No gravy...just didn't attempt it. I'm no cook, but I'll cook occasionally. Anyhow, I've been busy all day today and am just now getting a chance to sit down.