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self indulgence

Friday, December 23, 2005

I shall now indulge myself with a Christmas wish list. I know I'm supposed to wish for heaven on earth, which includes peace and joy and healing of the sick. But turning my gaze towards the shop window, here goes...

1. I'd like for my credit card and student loan debt to be paid off
2. I'd like for the mortgage to be paid off
3. I'd like for the car to be paid off
4. I'd like for the second car to be paid off
5. 5 bicycles: a carbon frame racer, an aluminum frame suspension mountain bike, a Dahon folding bike for a friend, a recumbent for a friend, well yeah ... a folding bike for me too
6. A digital camera ... a Canon in the $300 range will do
7. plywood for the windows for the next hurricane
8. I'd like to have the chimney cleaned out
9. I'd like to have the repairs needed around the house done
10. okay, okay ... a well-paying job that suits my abilities
11. uh, new clothes
12. I want to enter religious life!

Lord, would you heal me of the "I want all of the glory, none of the work" syndrome?