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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I seem to have some form of some crud. I woke up Monday night (technically Tuesday morning) with a searingly parched throat. Tuesday my neck felt ug-type-funny. Yesterday and today I continue to have soreness and dryness way in the back of the throat. I'm a bit more hoarse today and still some of that funny feeling in the neck. No drainage, minimal if any coughing.

This evening Tonto and I will go see "King Kong." Tonto likes sci-fi movies, and is a movie buff. I, on the other hand, couldn't care less. (In slight compliance with a suggestion from a fellow blogger, I shall henceforth refer to my sidekick by various names. The names will vary, will be recognizable, and will in fact refer to my sidekick. This should make the blog slightly less drab.)

I got my hair trimmed again this morn. Then ran to a rehearsal that I was supposed to support and managed to help out for the last 15 minutes of the 2 hours. Visited a neighboring parish and got their 2006 calendar. Went to this hole-in-the-wall place, bought a token item and inquired about my opening and owning such a business 'cause I like their product. What luck that it was actually the owner I talked to, whom I think is normally in California. Was given an e-mail address and will pursue further.

We now have 2006 calendars from three different parishes. More to come. One pastor said "We don't give out next year's calendars at Christmas." We know the guy. He's pretty cool and we know where he's coming from. So we'll probably see those calendars around New Year's. It's pretty good that some of the items on their wish list have already been donated. Heartfelt thanks to the donors.

When I first became Catholic (i.e. first became church-going, first became Christian) I used to think "Where else can you go to get such good stuff for free? I mean, people would be willing to go to a movie for $8/head and be entertained, but you can go to church for nothing and get so much more." Then I realized that it's "free" only because others have paid/are paying for it -- donors past and present. It's also "free" because others have paid the price for freedom, from Christian martyrs to foot soldiers. Thanks to all those who support the Church with time, talent, and/or treasure.


Anonymous said...

I like that: "Tonto" for your side-kick. It's cute. And it took me a second to catch on. Which, in turn, made me giggle all the harder when it finally hit me!

AveMaria1 said...

Cold Eeaze.

They work wonders and work fast!