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shopping yesterday

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Frodo and I made it to the mall yesterday. Due to difficulties, Frodo has not been to the mall in ages, so yesterday was a real novelty. We spent much time at the mall. Frodo was quick to pick out some suits for me. We bought a brownish tweed-ish jacket & skirt set for more than 50% off, thanks to our salesperson who gave an additional coupon discount even though we didn't have the coupon. There was a navy pant suit set that also fit me very well, but amazingly, it made me hot--I who am cold-natured. So no-go for the navy suit. The majority of the suits were 100% polyester, so why one suit would be cool and the other hot, I don't know...must be the weave. I was hoping for more natural fabrics, but oh well. On a side note, I think I'd like to own a bamboo T-shirt one day (see Bamboosa).

If Frodo says it looks great, then undoubtedly it must be so. It won't hurt a bit to walk into an interview knowing that I look like a million bucks. Unfortunately, Frodo also said that the suit won't take me into the summer. I guess I better find a job before summer. Now I still must hunt down the appropriate blouse and shoes. That leads to another gripe: why the bleep bleep are women's blouses see-through? Also, I sweat buckets even when cold. It'd be nice to be able to find a cotton blouse...I'll starch the heck out of it.

For Christmas, Frodo got a gift card to a bookstore. Frodo said for me to use that gift card, so we stopped by the bookstore and I got the recently released Mother Angelica's biography. As I am currently reading Faustina, I am hoping Frodo will start in on Angelica.

We got home late. Then Frodo decided it was imperative that we deliver some Coldeeze and Cepacol to the grandmother, so we got back out again. We didn't get back home until some time after midnight, me dozing along the way. On the drive back home, Frodo, who has eyes all around (I swear) was able to avoid getting hit from behind by a speeding drunk driver who was weaving in and out of his/her lane. Hopefully that driver caused no accidents and made it home safely.