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damage control

Thursday, January 12, 2006

We'll be spending today trying to clean up the banking mess. Let it be known that the Feds government entities have no problems getting into your account freezing your assets. This happened last week and the bank didn't mail us a notice until 4 days after, meaning that we didn't get the notice until maybe yesterday (we didn't check the mail yesterday).

On top of that, I also received in the mail a notice that I still have a balance on one of my student loans and that the interest accrues daily. Lovely. Where was this one when all of my student loans were consolidated? Well, that's going to have to be another day.

On the positive side, good thing I didn't get the cat food yesterday. We're probably going to switch to canned food for them.

Real live soap opera here. Stay tuned... Will she find a job? Will they lose the house and cars and end up on the street? Will she ever get out from under the mega student loan balance whose interest keeps marching on? Will the financial mess ever get unmessy? Will Tonto's health ever be helped? This is not the only drama ... it's only the drama that I'm giving a peek of. Heck, at least it's not a messy divorce with a love triangle involved, conspiracy, messed up kids, and the bleeding head of a horse in my bed.