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tag along morning

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Didn't do much work volunteering this morn. Scrubbed potatoes, than ran off with Sister to pick up donations at another place. The place handles donations for various charities. They have a thrift shop in the front, accepts donations in the back, and have a workshop where seamstresses work. Very nice place.

We left there, passing a Covenant House along the way, and went to visit one of the houses that this organization runs. It's a house for both men and women. At the moment I don't think they have any residents except those in charge of the house. It would certainly be a step down for me to live in that house, but it's probably a step up for the less fortunate. It's just exposure to another world for my little head. I chatted a little with one of the guys there about rock music (he said he needed a cassette player to play his rock music), horses and saddles. He said he used to have much money, but it wasn't legal. "It wasn't honest work," he admitted. He knew he was knocked off his high horse and hit bottom; he's more settled now. He seems like a nice guy, but no telling what his history is. He probably wouldn't mind telling me his story if we had more time. Too bad he couldn't ply those awesome skills on some ranch somewhere.

During the drive, I noticed how lighthearted the Sisters were, cracking jokes and giggling much. I couldn't hear the jokes, but enjoyed hearing the giggles.