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expensive day

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Did not make it to mass this morning, maybe I'll make the evening one?

At the car dealer: oil change, new air filter, new wheel locks but they're on order and will be in tomorow, news that tire cannot be fixed. Did not make it to volunteering this morn. Left car dealer and went to tire place: free rotation, ponder buying new tires. Left there to go to spiritual direction. Left there and went home to eat. Then returned to the tire place to get two new tires (funny, when I walked in, the guy at the counter said, "What, you want to un-rotate your tires now?"). Discarded the damaged tire, put the better of the two old tires on the spare, took the one on the spare off the rim and now have in garage for future emergencies, although the road hazard warranty should take care of that. Where is all the $ coming from? I foresee utilities not getting paid ...

My spiritual director was gentle with me. I'm always a little apprehensive as I usually have nothing to report (as in "no improvement"). Ah, the unfanthomable gentleness of Jesus.

Went to a nearby church at almost 4pm to thank God for all his Goodness. Church was locked. Bummer. Said a few Hail Mary's on the drive home instead.