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still dreamin'

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

on the vocational front...

Got a call from the Dominicans vocational director last night. She is sending me info about an upcoming discernment opportunity in a neighboring city. I might be able to hitch a ride with them. I don't think I'm called to the Dominicans, but I should still check it out.

Got a publication and card from the Sisters of Christian Charity today. Fired off an e-mail to them to thank them, let them know that I got it and would like to be on their mailing list.


Anonymous said...

The Houston Dominicans? Ooooh, if you go, I'm jealous! They're mighty groovy too--'cept they're in TEXAS! ;-)

Lisa said...

I am soooo glad to hear you received information from the Sisters of Christian Charity. I hope you find the information interesting and inviting. Let me know :)

Steph Youstra said...

Good that you're thinking of going anyway ..... it might help you solidify what you're looking for. After all, it was after visiting the Benedictines that Natty truly realized that she could never be cool enough to be an OSB, so she found herself truly convinced of her OP-ness. :-)

And, who knows? I never really looked at communities b/c I knew exactly where I was gonna go once I did the nun-thing. Let me just tell you that Middle of Nowheresville, Indiana, was not part of that plan, though!

Good luck!