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some days

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I washed the car. Then the car got rained on.

I took the washer agitator out of the washer, but then I couldn't get the agitator apart to access its innards.

I went shopping, took an hour, then they wouldn't take my check so I went home empty-handed.

But then I remembered that I left the notepad with the grocery list in the cart. So I had to double back, in rush-hour traffic, just to retrieve the notepad.

I remembered a saying I heard once: "Some days, it's not worth it to get out of bed." But then I remembered that I had mass that morning. Then I decided that even if my world falls apart around me, it is definitely worth it to get out of bed just to attend mass.

Not that I get any feel-good out of mass. I just know and understand what the mass is.

And we did get our fish dinner. Both the mass and the fish dinner came from the same parish.