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major distraction

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Well, gee, thanks to T.O. at LAMLand, I now have an even BIGGER distraction: Sudoku.

I spent 45-50 minutes on the first few games each (and it was the EASY version). I evetually got it down to 15 minutes and thought I was some big shot, only to have them tell me that most people finish an easy game in 7-something minutes.

Yeah, I'm mad as heck. I'm missing something there. When I get the chance I'm going to try some more ... I need to figure out the patterns.


Sixtina87 said...'re it....there isa survey that you have to do on my blog...the only entry i have for today.....thats if lauren hasnt tagged you yet!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol ... Sorry, Seeking. I took over 30 minutes on my first too, and now I'm down to about 7-8 minutes on the Easy level. I'm too terrified to jump to Medium just yet! It can get a bit frustrating, eh? But you'll get the hang of it and find it turns out to be rather fun after a while.

Lisa said...

I love Sudoku and was so glad when I found an online version, thanks to Steph.