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enjoyable morn

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Did two "brochures" for my volunteer morn: a bi-fold with front and back pages and full page center. Pretty simple, just text boxes and a graphic on the front. Someone had already sketched the layout and someone [else] had already typed the text. So it was just the mechanics of putting it in Publisher. I didn't want to mess with their design since I didn't know whole lot about the project. That done, I still had an hour to blow off. Chatted some and played with the dog some.

From there I went to meet with a Dominican, got free lunch and a little tour of their place. Seem like I can get along with them, their environment, and their food. I was invited to a jubilee celebration this Saturday so that I'd get a flavor of their celebration. I'll think about it. I'll be joining them for a ride over to the discernment weekend 1/27-29. Oh, turns out she wasn't just "a" Dominican, she's on the leadership council -- a "big wheel." I shall withhold any opinions and questions until said discernment weekend.

So a fun day after yesterday's "blah" day.


Joe said...

Wow, have never heard of St. Hilary, but on my one and only trip outside the U.S., I visited three days in Poitiers. Wonderful country, and fabulous medieval churches. The Civaux nuclear power plant unearthed some fascinating limestone coffins from the sixth century A.D. with double crosses on the lids. Amazing. Electricite the France has built a museum where you can see the caskets.

Anonymous said...

Is this by chance the Houston OPs of which you speak?

*big grin* *loud whisper* "Yay Dominicans!!" ;-)

Re: Oreo. Here's my reply to your comment on my blog: Girl, I would call it a road trip and meet you half-way to Texas or more if you're serious! Oreo's very good in the car! I think anyone who's accustomed to handling larger dogs with a firm hand would be good for her.