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paradigm shift

Monday, January 09, 2006

"Sister, those dangling earrings are blowing my mind."

Why does it make my make my head spin and reel in confusion to see a religious Sister wearing jewelry and/or make-up? Why should I object? Do these things violate my vision of "modesty" and "simplicity?" Do the adornments make me think the focus is more on "self" and less on "Jesus?" Why does it blow my mind, considering that Sister is in every way "religious:" community life, prayer life and ministry. Why does it make me question what is being "witnessed?" Oh I am so confused, so...discombobulated.


Lisa said...

I imagine that it contradicts your vision of what it means to represent (visually) religious life. I know for some it conflicts with their understanding of the vow of poverty.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get past those markers if we are accustomed to a certain representation, but I encourage people to reach beyond their own comfort zones to get to know the person underneath. That said, I think it's fine if as a (future) religious you feel you would or wouldn't wear x, y, or z, but try not to be turned off (or distracted) by someone who does wear x, y, and/or z.