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surface area to volume ratio

Sunday, January 15, 2006

For us critters, we lose heat from our surface (skin). Critters who have a small volume relative to their surface area (skin surface) lose alot of heat. It's been said that the squirrel suffers from such and have to eat almost constantly. I suspect skinny folks suffer such as well. Overweight folks may do okay in cooler climates, but their larger volume make warm climates kinda hellish.

Got a sandwich from a bakery today. It's kinda skinny, maybe twice as wide as Jack-in-the-Box's Panido sandwich. I like my french bread with more volume than surface area and this skinny bread doesn't meet that criterium. Being skinny, it has more crust and less fluff so my sandwich was a little lacking in bread.

I know of another nearby place that makes this type of sandwich, which costs 50 cents less and I think the sandwich tastes better, with the bread and seasoning that I prefer. However, it is only available in a certain window of time, and there is usually a long line. The bakery one costs a little more, doesn't taste as good to me, but has NO LINE and is available as long as the bakery is open. Convenience wins. Robocop likes the bakery version better. I'm like, "Huh?!!"