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Dominican weekend

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I enjoyed my weekend with the Dominicans from two different "communities." It's always a joy for me to be with the Sisters of any order. For the weekend, we were very fortunate to have amongst us a prioress and council member from one community. Those two stole my affections the minute I met them. I am so drawn to them.

My roommie and I got along just fine. We got along well enough that I could get a jab in at her this morning and everyone got a good laugh. She will most likely be joining the Dominicans. She is already very active in youth ministry and is very outgoing and energetic.

There was an awkward moment on Saturday when I was asked what I thought, and me being the social idiot, told the truth rather bluntly. I did refrain from saying more than "I don't think I am called to preach in the pulpit." I think the room deflated. After the Sisters gave some more encouragement and advice to remain open to the possibilities, we broke for lunch.

Everything was back on track after lunch. The room was once more relaxed. We had some free time. I took a short walk with two of the Sisters. When we came back, I showed another Sister how to do Sudoku, but the puzzle was too hard to work cleanly. However, she got the gist and will try on Monday, when the puzzle will be easier. She tried to show me Spider Solitaire, but got interrupted by a phone call and we didn't continue.

Parting was such sweet sorrow. Fortunately the two who stole my affections are from the community located in the city where I live. We were in separate cars so I said good bye to them in the other city. Then again when we crossed paths at a lunch stop. Then finally again when we got back to the convent. They seem open to continue communications with me and I look forward to seeing more of them and perhaps pursuing a more direct, individual dialogue.

Dear God, how is it that you send folks to steal my heart, when my heart is meant for you?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad it was a good weekend. I love your prayer at the end; I wonder that too.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is that unique manifestation of God within them--that only they can embody (as we each project a uniqe facet of God's being)--that draws you closer to God through knowing them?

That, and Dominicans can be magnetic that way! ;-) Glad you had a good weekend. And remember that while Dominicans are, indeed, the "Order of Preachers," not all do their preaching from the pulpit. Teaching, counseling, spiritual direction, chaplaincy, heck, even haircutting; these are all ways of preachers that I know.